Wednesday, October 19

Pull up 'em Sox! 

It's here finally - the day all of Chicago'd been yearning for, for 46 long years. The Sox, having clinched the AL championship, are headed for the big win, and it's not only Reinsdorf's loyalty that's in the news. (Well, just like it's not just the South Side that's blasting off the firecrackers and spritzing the confetti). Several, and by several, I mean near-countless, Cubs fans have made the divine discovery that it's the game they're really passionate about, and, having made a halcyon shift overnight to Camp White Sox, are cheering relentlessly for them. And yet, no one in their sanest senses has the time to drop jaws. But that's not what really matters - it's just all the jubilation, the sense of belonging, perked by the flow of the bubbly, that's strung so many strangers together as one in an otherwise asocial, chilly city that strikes a chord.

It's in things like these, no matter how worldly or trifling, that one still finds the small joys of life. That's not to say one doesn't care about the bigger things. Whether you're going to cheesedip your nachos, fire up the grill, or simply order pizzas this Saturday, don't forget to send some to those in need. Go Sox, and spread the cheer!