Saturday, February 21


I used to be quite content as a struggling writer, sitting snug in my own little world, a sprightly jazz town in America, torn an ocean or two away from my homeland, India. But when I sheepishly told people I wasn’t into web logging, though I’d made the transition uphill, from scribbling on paper to keying on the computer, they almost always dropped their jaws. I heard them speak of the phenomenon as one of the hottest conduits for people that can string a word or two, to let the world in on their talent. Still in wonderment and somewhat edgy, I took my baby steps and signed up here as a lark, but have pledged since, to get into it seriously. I don’t know how less hackneyed a manner I can put this down in, so I will go ahead and bore you stiff. I will blog about the things I’m fond of, like books, poetry, comics, communications, advertising, movies, baseball, tennis, cricket, children, gardens, art, biking, crafts, music, people, skiing, the world, the Internet, food, nature, travel, crosswords…(essentially in higgledy-piggledy order) and basically anything that piques my curiosity. I might not be the kind of writer bloggers are unanimously known to be, but when I look back someday, I will perhaps be happy to learn this was how I'd steeled myself for the challenges of technophilia. Welcome anyway, this is where my words are in a waltz, and my mindspeak, in sync.

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