Wednesday, March 24

Of springing ahead 

When spring sets in, my mind invariably dwells on the burst of life it brings to the world. I love to watch the sunlit ripples stirring the stillness of the lake, trees burgeoning with their brand new leaves, dewdrops lacing tender blades of grass, and flowers beaming diffidently at the bees…I love to hear the birds redeeming their lost voices, to dance with the sunshine on the streets, and to gaze at butterflies painting the air in a color cascade…

Then again, summer is enchanting too; the monsoon, refreshing; and winter, fortifying. There seems to be a strange, inexplicable joy even in the repression of the sun, the saturation of the rains, and the ire of the winds. With each changing season, nature ostensibly forwards one loveliness into another…there's no prairie lovelier than a red autumn leaf, and no cricket chirr cheerier than a running brook. Nature never closes in on anything, it only heralds new beginnings, and new hopes. Makes me wonder...if, abidingly, we kept the green bough in our hearts evergreen…perhaps the singing bird would come?

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