Tuesday, September 21

The Art of Living? 

Imagine waking to several dawns spaced over every few months in a land unknown. Giving to it your fullest, and perhaps, in the minutest form of selfishness, even satiating your wanderlust in the bargain. Following your dreams. Living life the way you deem fit, not the way you can best. How many of us can do it unconditionally?

We dined with these friends of ours and only just found out they’re moving – to far, far away. From this land of many opportunities to one that’s barren, in every sense of the word. Where there are no words for trade, riches, or even the most basic of amenities. Only several connotations for people-to-people, heart-to-heart, in all agony. To envisage an opportunity-filled future for its hapless citizens. To work. To make it happen. To give. To learn. To explore. To satisfy.

Even with a prearranged move to a modern city, secure and in all its glory with its buildings, peoples and facilities, we often find ourselves consumed in worldly worries, typically those that concern our own well-being. Would it be absolutely outrageous if we just took off on a mission one day? To be with those the entire world has disregarded, to reach out to them, lend them a hand, and make a modest, if at all, difference in their lives? Would we do it even if we’d found in it our calling, our life’s work, our very life? Or would that simply be outlandish?

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