Thursday, December 2

Take me out to the ballgame 

If you thought Bruce Springsteen’s Fenway foray was received with bounteous adulation, wait till you see a Wrigley ballpark full of Jimmy Buffet’s ‘parrotheads’ croon and sway. Cubs President Andy MacPhail has indicated that the Cubs are exploring possibilities of holding rock concerts at Wrigley Field every other year, beginning as early as Labor Day weekend 2005.

Singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett, a stick-in-the-mud Cubs fan, is likely to do the opening honors. Even if it’s half as true that Buffet, who has already sung the anthem at Wrigley, has his way about curses, he might just rest the Cubbies’ curse, of enduring the longest drought spell since a World Series win. Well, at least a bunch of Bostoners swear that Buffet’s concerts at Fenway Park helped rid the demons that had stalled every effort by the Red Sox to snatch a World Series championship since 1918.

But to be able to rock Wrigley, the Cubs have numerous hurdles to cross --- their already precarious relationship with Wrigleyville residents could get further tweaked, or worse, the curse reversed. It might happen, it mightn’t, and as the Cubs might say, ‘wait ‘til next year,’ chappies.

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