Thursday, December 2

To give or not to give 

Ringers and Shriners flock the stores even as we wade our way through holiday wishlists. Okay, some of us are busy gifting ourselves. Anyhow, we couldn't help but hark back to this from a class discussion on persuasion - is using guilt as motivation, ie., like Salvation Army Christmas Bell Ringers, or Shriner’s Paper Sale do; depriving people of rational choice?

Food for thought?

"Men can be moved to action by suggestions and pressure in the fringes of their consciousness."

"Hidden persuasion, like any other 'evil,' is dangerous only when it becomes the chronic or predominant pattern of behavior of an individual or group."

While you mull this over in order to rationalize, at the least, please hail Haiman. But that's not to say don't give this holiday season. Reflexive responses notwithstanding.

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