Wednesday, December 29

Tsunami via blogdom 

In wake of the Tsunami, as much as I'm all choked up to be able to say anything, I'm awed, and completely overwhelmed by the abundance of texts on the disaster, especially by bloggers. Blogs seem to be proliferating by the hour, and blogdom, in fact, has suddenly emerged as the hottest conduit through which people the world over are seeing the tragedy unfold.

The one blog that's become the hub of all Tsunami-related information is The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami blog, among whose warm-hearted architects is my friend Peter. The SEA-EAT blog has even been written about, here, and here, and I'm certain, in scores of other places.

Some other blogs that struck a chord:

Brand New Malaysian
Cheese and Crackers
Crossroads Dispatches
Extra Extra
Petaling Street Project
Sumankumar's yak pad
The Command Post
VBCity Blogs
World Changing

On a side note, one can't help but wonder why Aristotle ever said "Nature does nothing uselessly..."

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