Tuesday, December 21

What's in a name? 

In a communications law course such as mine, one ought to be thorough with all aspects of the law and where the finest lines are drawn. One learns, for starters, of the importance of identification, among other elements, in a defamation case. For instance, to say all lawyers are thieves does not create satisfactory identification for the purpose of a defamation suit. The reason being that the group could be so big that no one plaintiff could say they suffered a personal injury. However, to say that all lawyers in the firm of "Dowee, Cheatem and Howe" are thieves would satisfy the identification element because the number of lawyers in the firm is finite and each one of them would have a potential defamation claim.

I wonder if the philosophy would hold any good if one of these folks were to cross legal frontiers:

Dump Rat - garbage people
The Touch Up Guys - car repairs people
William the Concreter - builder
Dr. John Looney - psychiatrist
Haley Rainey - meteorologist
Earl E. Bird - head of an animal rights group
Dr. Charles Paine - chiropractor

There’s much in a name, after all. And ‘justin case’ you’re wondering still, it’s also the name of a high school instructor somewhere. Now let’s hope he’s a good guy.

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