Sunday, January 2

Another day, another year... 

Another year rolls in, this time sombre and solemn, as parts of the world still teeter between a state of utter morbidity and the littlest hope of renewal from a catastrophic blow. Candle light vigils, prayer sessions and moments of quietude marked the eve of the New Year across the world. Although hubby and I didn't exactly partake in any of them at the given hour, our thoughts and prayers kept coming back to the victims, their loved ones and all those who did manage to survive, but are barely living. We ushered the new year in by simply being together, and doing our measly bit to aid the hurting and the needy. We found our peace at the temple at daybreak, and were moved immensely to see the efforts of so many strangers manifest in multiple ways to help the grief-stricken. We hope sincerely that the new year will mark the beginning of very many upheavals yet to come for all of the world. Peace and happiness to all of you.

And this one's especially for Marg, who has flown oceans away from a perfectly sunshiney land she calls home to one that's barren, to work with World Vision staff in their endeavors to help victims of the tsunami. May God bless you, and keep you, my dearest friend.

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