Thursday, September 14

A New Leaf Turns 

Our first attempt at a Sestina...ahem.

I watched as twilight hummed its way about,
draping itself across bittersweet skies.
I sat with my ear to the howling winds,
as trees fought them, effete and uneasy.
Blowing callously, tweaking leaf by leaf
they teased - heralding fall, or swaying clout?

Even as I wondered about this flighty clout
the trees, to imperious tunes waltzed about;
lured by the fallacy, each flailing leaf
they ceded to skulking vows of the sun
Like reflections of missions uneasy -
countless hopes, dismissed by destiny’s winds.

Sewn to life’s lubricious subtleties, winds
of change, seizing our lives with a brazen clout;
stippling our fates as we rise and fall, uneasy,
their ploy leads us to contemplate about
ephemeral triumphs under the sun -
the same light that nourishes every leaf.

Thus, it must take many a trusting leaf,
to deem fine, the spite of the gusty winds,
akin to our naïve Geoid, about the sun,
as He quells Her tenderness with much clout,
leaving little for Her to muse about,
as she smolders in His splendor, uneasy.

In this carnal cycle, albeit uneasy,
trees evolve - in spring, turning a new leaf;
in summer, they flourish and go about
life, unbeknownst to the infernal winds,
possessing upon their resolve no clout;
unto autumn yielding, under a waning sun.

Like a sudden stir, a flash of the sun,
vagrant leaves beetling on trees uneasy,
had deciphered the syllogism of clout.
When one heeds there’s much to learn from a leaf;
while drifting aimlessly in shifty winds,
embracing change is what life’s all about.

To wake each day to the clout of the sun,
to go about life like impetuous winds -
timeless quest - like an uneasy fall leaf.

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