Thursday, November 23

A Luncheon to Remember... 

This dates back to a little before our grand comeback, but it's important enough. So here goes...

So we routinely check our school mail on Friday night, and there it was - gawking at us - a mail from one of our favorite professors, telling us she was in town for a paper presentation at MAPOR. Ecstatic as that made us, we fixed up a luncheon date for Saturday, and the brutal cold, a missed exit, a delayed train ride, and a challenging six-block walkathon notwithstanding, we made it in time. Over lemonade, ginger cookies, apricot-hazelnut rolls, and a California Grille panini, we confabulated about this, that, and our impending research plans. Which, by the way, need to be sallied forth asap, given that her retirement is scheduled for the summer.

So while we go off to do some research on how to kick start our plans, we hope you'll be good.

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