Thursday, November 23

We're back! 

After eons of dallying and dithering, we've finally decided to make a grand comeback.

So here's to more words, and their waltzes.

(There's still time for the New Year to ring in, so we reckon this is strategic comeuppance enough! That said, and enough said...)

...Holy, smoky turkey! We don't remember the last time the sun kissed us this heartily. A 60 degree day in the middle of November, in the windy city? Yes, we're not kidding you. The kids were out in the park, the heat turned off, the windows thrown open, and had it not been for that slight, very slight, nip (to remind us to cuddle around our loved ones this Thanksgiving), we may even have frozen our tee before slipping it on. Like we do in the summer. (Okay, pull those brows back down, and snap those jaws back on now, come on!) And while we save that as (fiesty) summer story fodder, let's direct you to what else Tom said about today.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! :)

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